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Pandit Motilal Shastri Ji

Pandit Motilal Shastri Ji is the famous astrologer that is making easy for the people to use astrology by removing the myths about it out from the mind. He is working to make people believe in astrology and start accepting it just to bring improvement in life.

He is having an experience of 35+ years in astrology, which actually makes people to believe in him and his services. He makes people to believe in their hard work as well as astrology.

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Husband Wife Problem

He is one of the well known in Vedic Astrolgoy.

Win your Love

If you permanently want to get your loved one back contact us. अपना खोया हुआ प्यार वापस पाएं


दो प्रेमियों के बीच प्यार में रुकावट सम्बन्धी समस्या. We give 100% result in every problem.

Love Marriage

Facing problems in Love Marriage? प्रेम विवाह मैं किसी भी प्रकार की समस्यां के समाधान के लिए संपर्क करे

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Horoscope Matching

Kundali matching or Kundli milan is the vedic astrology equivalent of horoscope matching for marriage. In hindu societies, especially in India, where arranged marriages are common, kundali matching is the most important factor taken into consideration while moving ahead with a marriage proposal.
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Vastu Sastra

Vastu consultant online is a search term becoming very popular on the Internet. People find professional online vastu consultants to get accurate vastu solutions. If you are looking for a good Vastu consultant online, there is no need to look for another. AppliedVastu is highly efficient in Online Vastu consultancy services and successfully serves online vastu consultation services worldwide.
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Janam Kundli

In simple words, Kundli or horoscope is an astrological chart used by astrology practitioners to gain insight into the personality and life of an individual. Kundli of a person shows the exact position of various planetary bodies at the time of his/her birth. Astrologers consider janam kundali which helps them understand and explain the various events encountered by an individual during his lifetime.
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Business Problem Solution

Starting business is one of the bravest decision one could ever make. It requires a brave heart, plus confidence. However, this field is always tricky, because one takes several risks, in terms of finance, man power, machinery, etc. Beside, being brave one should be clever enough and take all the necessary steps before putting the leg into business world.
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Love Spell Astrology

For you to deal with any problem in life, and indeed a love challenge, you will need to start by clarifying the problem. You would need to do this because not every spell is designed to solve every problem. For instance, the best love spells that work without ingredients may be best at solving a small problem.
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Childless Problem

Childless problems Reasons and Remedies, Progeny problems reasons, Last birth deeds responsible for child problems, Astrologer for the solutions of progeny problems, Jyotish for the solutions of childless problems, Santaan samasyaa karan aur samadhaan, Reasons of delay in child birth, What is the past life reasons of not having offspring, What to do to have offspring.
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Videsh Yatra Problem

Everyone have desire to go abroad. Now days as well, every youngster want to travel Abroad , at least once. Businessmen did this for better financial gains where students for better intellectual gain. Persons having good Venus and Moon they can get chances to go abroad. Pt. Motilal Shastri Ji is specialized to solve the problems related to Visa Rejection.
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Rahu Ketu Dosh

According to Vedic Astrology, Rahu is a part of the Navagrahas or nine planets. Astrologically, one of the eight sections between Sunrise & Sunset is known as Rahu Kaal. Rahu Kaal or Rahu Kalam is considered as inauspicious to start any new venture. It is believed that it may not yield good results but any work, journey or trade that is already in progress is not affected by this phase.
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Career Problem Solution

Career is an significant part of person’s life. We all look forward for a good job and a prospering career. Career word is very important word for each individual because every person put their step towards the career slowly and right. But at some point in life, we are not able to complete all our dreams. Astrology offers different solutions for these career problems along with effective Career Astro Solutions.
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Family Problem Solution

When family disputes become serious, recurrent, or stay unresolved, it’s high time to get some expert advice from a specialist who has the divine power of sixth sense. Astrological remedies or healing through prayers may be an effective family problem solution. A person’s life is ruled by planets. These planets also affect his relationships. This is why occult sciences and the healing power of prayers prove to be a remedy for most family disputes.
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Divorce Problem Solution

For providing effective astrological remedies, the divorce problem solution pandit ji requires a birth chart and the complete name of both spouses. A brief description of the problem is always helpful for suggesting effective remedies. Based on this information, he does a comprehensive and critical analysis of the horoscope, including the position and effect of benefic planets, disturbing planets, astrological yogas, and doshas.
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Relationship Problem Solution

Relationships are essential for our well being. Throughout our lifetime, we meet new people and live with different people like spouse, parents, relatives, etc. Our relationship with them depends on a lot of factors. While there is love and respect but, at times strain and misunderstanding crop up in relations leading to arguments, tussles, etc. with them. These bitter moments tend to take away our mental peace and focus.
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